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About Us

We creatively connect landholders, businesses and the community for the common green.

Koalas On The Green is an environmental organisation that aims to creatively connect landholders, businesses and local communities to restore, maintain, and protect our natural environments in our suburbs.

Population growth and subsequent residential expansion and development continues to lead to habitat loss and fragmentation.


Golf courses are increasingly becoming crucial for the long-term survival of urban wildlife.


Consequently, golf courses are increasingly becoming a lifeline for our native wildlife in our suburbs. They are often the largest tract of private land in a suburb and provide safe ways for animals to travel, as well as valuable food sources and habitat.

Our big vision is to create a ‘green standard’ in golf course maintenance and environmental stewardship to ensure the long-term survival of our native suburban wildlife. It is a shared responsibility and by engaging communities we see many positive future possibilities and outcomes.

From our work with golf courses we have branched out into other creative ways to connect community with biodiversity, which you can view under projects.

‘Together landholders, businesses and communities can provide a shared co-existence and long-term future for our unique suburban native wildlife.’

Our Team

Founder Kolas On The Green

David Cuschieri
Founder of Koalas On The Green

David Cuschieri is a volunteer koala rescuer who with his wife Heidi rescued over 100 koalas in 2019 alone on the Gold Coast. Call outs were for koalas being victims of car accidents or dog attacks, to disease and displacement. Many of these incidents were a result of loss and fragmentation of habitat and Koalas on the Green was born after having the dilemma of where to release a koala who’s home range was a complex urban matrix for a koala to be able to traverse and survive. David thought that if we are able to find solutions to enhance the carrying capacity of urban koalas by increasing their food sources, habitat and connectivity then they would have a fighting chance.


Kate Torgersen
Environmental Restoration Consultant

Kate Torgersen is the director of Environmental Golf Solutions is an emerging consultancy company aimed at enhancing the natural biodiversity on golf courses throughout Australia and in turn providing a greater interaction between golfer and their environment.

Organic Turf Solutions
Organic Turf Solutions

Organic Turf Solutions provides consultancy in managing turf facilities on purely organic methods, with the aim of creating healthier environments for both the wildlife and the community.

Holistic Approach To Land Management

With the combined expertise of our team we take a holistic view on environmental land management.

Wildlife & Communities:

David Cuschieri looks at the perspective of wildlife, their needs and movements throughout an area and how to connect animal communities with human communities.

Environmental Restoration:

Kate Torgersen plans and creates the framework to restore habitat for wildlife to have food, shelter and corridors.

Sustainable Land Management:

Organic Turf Solution’s organic approach ensures that the whole environmental system in a golf course is sustainable, using laws of nature to not only provide a safe place for wildlife but for members and staff. The goal of his work is to ensure that in time natural sustainable systems will mean less maintenance and input costs for the golf course, creating a win-win situation.

Project Partners

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We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of this land and we pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging.