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People coming together to help possums in care

The Possum Pantry

The portrait above is of Beau, or as we call him Bushfire Beau. This poor little fella was orphaned last year during the bushfires. Beau’s mother…

Hello Possums!

Hollow Possums!

“Hello Possums”  – most older Australians would smile when they hear this boisterous greeting, uttered by Dame Edna Everage, the comedic “wisteria hue” hair and “cat…

Fodder for possums and gliders

Fodder For Other Wildlife

Volunteer wildlife carers need fresh fodder everyday for animals in their care such as possums, gliders and birds. KDV Sports at Carrara has come to the rescue and is undertaking this greatly needed resource by planting native species in their golf course surrounds.
Koalas eat blossoms

Yes, Koalas Eat Blossoms

Did you know that koalas also eat native blossoms? Whilst they are synonymous for only eating eucalyptus leaves, they also enjoy eating native flowers such as these vibrant bottlebrush flowers.
Koala release Coombabah

Release Time

The moment that drives all koala and wildlife rescuers - to see an animal rehabilitated and released back to the wild.