Koala conservation begins at home
Koala Connectors

Koala Conservation Begins at Home

We love getting messages from River Downs residents with pictures of them and the trees they have planted for their koalas.
Melody Barnao and I visited Sarah Simmonds a few weeks ago as part of our second koala-food tree delivery run at River Downs Estate . 

Planting our future
This is where koala conservation begins…at home.

Sarah wrote to us a couple of days ago letting us know that her and the family have planted the trees. In her own words:

Good evening David,
It was lovely to meet you and Melody a couple of weeks ago.
I just wanted to share a few photos of the kiddies excitedly planting our smorgasbord of koala food trees! Whilst we haven’t seen any koalas in our garden the last two weeks, we have certainly heard them at night!
Thank you again for providing us with the trees, and look forward to meeting you again soon.
Kind regards,

Let's encourage our children to plant a green future.
Let’s encourage our children to plant a green future.

This really makes us smile, as involving children in planting trees helps to instill in them a love and appreciation for nature and all its creatures.

It also empowers them, that in a world which can feel overwhelming, that the simple act of planting a tree, tending it, watching it grow, and knowing that it will help resident wildlife is a powerful act.

Creating Caring Communities

The future of koalas in River Downs is that little bit brighter with such caring residents. Each tree planted is a future home and food source for resident koalas ensuring their long term future in the area.

Koala Connectors
Every tree planted is another home for a koala.

The Koala Connectors Project

The aim of the Koala Connectors project is to help residents to be part of the solution in koala conservation. It takes a whole community to look after our wildlife, and with the proposed Coomera Connector on the horizon, it is more important than ever that residents are engaged.

The great thing about planting trees on your property is that you can watch them grow as your children do.
The great thing about planting trees on your property is that you can watch them grow as your children do.

Empowering Residents to Create A Stand

It is too easy to expect others to change things, but as individuals and as a community we have the power to make a difference starting with our own back yards.

Planting trees and habitat now will ensure that the wildlife in the surrounding wildlife corridor that will be affected by the infrastructure development will have somewhere to move to. By increasing the ‘holding capacity’ of the area, through their actions, we hope that residents will have the privilege of spotting even more koalas in the future.

Living With Koalas

How blessed are we – to live in a country where if you are in the right area you can sit on your back porch, listen to the birds, and if you are lucky, see a koala. Together we can keep it this way…

Thanks again Sarah to you and your family. You guys are amazing!

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