Biodiversity Wildlife

Creatively Connecting Community with Biodiversity

The mission of Koalas on the Green is to creatively connect community with biodiversity in their area. We want to bring more awareness of the wildlife we share our streets, yards and neighbourhoods with and to inspire urban residents to become good custodians of the land.

Biodiverse Communities

We are uniquely blessed in Australia to be surrounded by incredible biodiversity. It is our collective responsibility to look after this. Living amongst us our non-human communities of koalas, gliders and other wildlife. Like us they have their families and complex social structures. They need safe places to live that provide them with food. We need to ensure that they can move around our communities safely.

Koalas on the Green isn’t simply about ensuring a green future for urban koalas but all wildlife that we share our communities with.

Looking after our wildlife

It Takes A Community To Look After Our Wildlife

Through education and habitat-enhancing projects involving community that aim to increase food sources and provide habitat connectivity for wildlife, together we can ensure that the future of our urban wildlife is bright.

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