Urban Koalas


Koalas On The Green began with our pilot project which you will read more about below, and has subsequently expanded in many new projects that creatively connect community with biodiversity including:

• The Koala Supermarket
• The Possum Pantry
• Koala Connectors

Koalas On The Green pilot project

Koalas on the Green’s pilot project was at Arundel Hills Country Club where we have planted, with the help of local community, 240 koala food trees to provide additional habitat, food sources and wildlife corridors for koalas living in and around the area. Below is a short film about the Koalas On The Green pilot project.

Golf Courses Can Help Save Our Unique Wildlife

As koala habitat continues to be cleared in our suburbs, golf courses are increasingly becoming important.

Golf courses provide habitat, sanctuaries, food sources and safe ‘koala super highways’ where koalas can travel safely from one end of the suburb to the other. They can avoid dog encounters, car strikes or being trapped in not-so-koala-friendly fenced backyards.

Do You Want Your Golf Course To Be Koala Friendly?

Golf courses are often the largest tracts of private land in our suburbs, and they have a unique opportunity to create ‘koala superhighways’ providing safe corridors for koalas to be able to travel through a suburb. They can also become important sanctuaries providing food and habitat.

We are blessed to have such unique wildlife in Australia. There is nowhere else in the world where you can have the experience of spotting a koala or watching kangaroos relax in the shade while playing a game of golf. This is something truly special and if we are responsible environmental stewards then future generations from all over the world may also have this special privilege.

Inviting Golf Courses

We would like to invite other golf clubs on the Gold Coast, South East Queensland, or Northern New South Wales who have koalas that frequent their golf courses and would like to provide them with a similar future.

Contact us on 0412 816 855, or get in touch via our contact page.

We can help make you make your golf course more koala friendly.

Engaging Community With Koalas

Koalas are a great way for golf clubs to connect with their local community.

We are happy to visit your golf course, and provide some starter koala food trees. We can also provide advice on how you can activate the golfing community and surrounding residents to be involved in your own Koalas On The Green program.