Koala Connectors Pilot Project

Koala Connectors

We need your help to Save Our koalas!

* If you a resident of River Downs please read the below message and if you know someone in River Downs please share.

Hello residents of River Downs,

September Is Save the Koala Month

If you, like many Australians are concerned about the future of koalas, then we have an opportunity where you can help with little effort and no cost to make a big difference to koalas in your area.

We need your help to come together to help save our iconic species that lives in your suburb. Koalas are a species that is listed as ‘Vulnerable to Extinction’ under the Biodiversity Conservation Act in 2016.

Be Part Of The Solution

This month offers an opportunity for you and your family to help provide a bright future for koalas in River Downs. Often as individuals we feel powerless to do anything that can make a real difference. This is your opportunity to step up.

Koala Connectors Project

We are launching Urban Green, a program to creatively connect communities with biodiversity.

The Koala Connector project is the first stage and aims to increase food sources, habitat, and provide greater connectivity so that koalas can travel safely throughout your suburb. We will show you how your backyard can become a haven for our wildlife.

Urban green Koala Connectors

Our suburban koalas on the Gold Coast need your help.

We Can’t Do It All On Our Own

As volunteer Wildcare koala rescuers, my wife and I have rescued many koalas in River Downs and surrounding suburbs. We are just two of an army of dedicated volunteer wildlife rescuers and carers working tirelessly to help our wildlife and we can’t do it all on our own. Just last year alone we attended over 100 koalas rescues mainly on the northern Gold Coast. We see first hand how quickly our koalas on the Gold Coast are headed for extinction if we don’t band together as a community and do something about it.

Just like you, koalas need to feel safe and protected from danger, they need to eat when they are hungry, they also want to have freedom to safely and easily move around to go find food, shelter and mates.

Connecting Communities With Koalas

This is where you come in. Our properties aren’t just homes to us – we share them with other creatures. By being involved in Koala Connectors you can learn how your property can become sanctuaries for koalas and help them to move freely and safely.

Koala Superhighways

In the month of September we have a bunch of koala food trees to provide you and the goal is to have residents plant these at the back of their yard to create or strengthen wildlife corridors or ‘koala superhighways’ creating a network through your suburb.

We are only talking of planting 3-5 trees at the back of your yard.

Imagine if your neighbours did the same?

It would mean koalas could travel safely without having to go to the ground where they are vulnerable and they will also have more food sources and shelter.

Coomera Connector and Koalas

This simple action which takes little time can have a huge impact on koalas in your area. This becomes even more pressing with the construction of the proposed Coomera Connector which will see koalas from suburbs along the corridor looking for new habitat.

Every single tree is precious for koalas in our suburb and the time to start planting is now.

How You Can Help

  • River Down Residents: If you are a resident of River Downs and would like to help our koalas we can supply you with 3-5 koala food trees for you to plant on your property. These are small tube stock so only take minutes to plant. Be sure to share posts on social media of your planted trees or koala sightings and hashtagging #riverdowns koalas or #riverdownskoalaconnectors
  • Sharing Is Caring:  If you know someone living in River Downs please share this information with them. If we can get this project off the ground we then plan to extend it to other areas such as Helensvale that will be affected by the proposed Coomera Connector.


Planting a future for our suburban koalas

Every tree counts if we are to save our koalas.

Connecting Community With Biodiversity

The goal of the project is not simply to plant trees, but sow seeds of hope for the future of our urban koalas through community awareness and action.

Knowledge is power if it is followed by action, and by providing you with the means and tools we can help you through little actions become part of the solution.

One of the big goals too is to get home owners to see the conservation of koalas from different perspectives, including:

  • We are all responsible for koala conservation.
  • We can be responsible environmental stewards first and foremost not simply homeowners or renters.
  • We share our suburbs with wildlife communities, our homes are also their homes.
  • Our properties don’t operate in isolation, they are part of a larger ecosystem and interconnected web of life, and we can do our part to ensure a healthier and safer environment for all.
  • When we engage deeply with our community we become more connected to the land, human and animal communities and the rich creation of stories that can impact our physical and spiritual well-being.

Contact Us Today

Are you a River Downs resident and want to get your 3-5 koala-food trees to plant in your yard?

Trees are only available for the month of September and subject to availability.

Please contact me, David on 0412816855 or our email admin@koalasonthegreen.com