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Koala Commons

Koala Conservation Begins At Home

We often don’t realise the power that we as individuals can have can cause ripples in our world.

Shane Greenaway, a resident of River Downs Estate, has created a ‘koala paradise’ on a portion of his acreage property. We often feel hamstrung to make decisions that can make a difference, but as property owners we can make decisions without having to involve local and state government. Many of us also expect others, including governments to solve all the issues in our world.

Koala Paradise

Over the years Shane has planted native plants to provide habitat for koalas and other wildlife.

He had set aside an area of his property for wildlife as he said that he and his family had more than enough space for their needs.

It is situated towards the back of his property. Shane has seen many koalas over the years come and visit his ‘koala patch’ having to traverse over open ground and the gauntlet of fences to get to this little oasis.

Creating Koala Commons

The vision for Koala Connectors is for more residents to do what Shane has been doing – to create habitat and food sources for koalas in the River Downs area.

If most residents were to set aside a small portion of land along their boundaries to plant koala-food trees then these would form ‘koala superhighways’ or wildlife corridors where koalas could travel safely without having to travel along the ground where they are vulnerable.

By creating ‘koala commons’, areas that we share with koalas and other wildlife, we can ensure the future of koalas in our peri-urban and suburban environments.

Connecting Koalas With Community

Part of the vision with the Koala Connectors pilot project is to inspire and empower residents to be part of the solution of koala conservation. Through education, awareness and the sharing of people in the community making a difference for koalas then koalas have a chance for long-term survival in areas where they currently co-exist.

Stories are powerful ways to create change in a community. Resident’s stories weave story lines through the community and environment creating a depth and richness that only grows and strengthens with time.

As individuals and as a community we have the power to create strong cohesive positive change in our environment.

Koala-Food Tree Home Delivery Service

Thank you Shane for connecting with us to be part of the Koala Connectors pilot project.

September 2020 was Save the Koala month and we launched the Koala Connectors pilot project by offering residents of River Downs koala-food trees to plant on their properties.

Shane was one of the resident’s that responded to our social media posts. We delivered to him 16 koala-food trees on the first home delivery run, and we followed up with him and he had planted them and we asked if he wanted any more. He took another 18 trees, and it looks like his ‘koala paradise’ will steadily grow so in time more koalas will be able to enjoy what he and his family have created.

Creating Koala Infrastructure

Can you imagine if all the residents of River Downs planted koala-food trees along their boundaries?

Humans have their road networks running through the estate. Imagine having a vast matrix of interconnected ‘koala superhighways’ throughout the area where koalas can travel safely through the trees without having to come down to the ground where they are vulnerable.

This is possible. If we can inspire the community to a common vision, then koalas will still be able to be enjoyed by residents for a long time to come.


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