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Meet Some of Our Koala Crew Volunteers

Koalas On The Green volunteer

David Paynter

Wonderful group of people caring for our furry friends.
I had a great afternoon planting koala food and habitat trees to give the dwindling number of koalas on the Gold Coast a bit more of a chance and habitat.
Definitely worth supporting a group who are proactively out there making a difference.

Volunteer Koalas On The Green

Tracy Alston

Volunteering with Koalas on the Green has made me more aware of the plight of koalas on the Gold Coast. David’s passion and dedication for ensuring the survival of this iconic species is contagious. David has inspired me with his ability to recognise golf courses and other unused green spaces and turn it into habitat for wildlife. I am grateful to be a part of the team.

Volunteer Koala Crew

Ute Harder de Sohnrey

It is wonderful and an honour to be part of a great vision to support our urban koalas in need of more habitat and help planting more food trees for them in a safe environment. So great to see that those green spaces in our city can have a multiple use for humans and wildlife. We have met some wonderful people here, doing all they can to make this possible, have had much fun and learned more about koalas.

Volunteer Koalas On The Green

Melody Barnao

I have been part of the Koalas on the Green as a volunteer since its inception in 2019. It has been a rewarding experience working with such a great team of people. I think any role we play to help with the future survival of koalas is vital at this time. I completely support the work of Koalas on the Green one hundred percent all the way!